Trane Air Conditioners

Trane Air Conditioners

Trane Air Conditioners

Updated February 2, 2021

Trane central air conditioning systems for homes are very popular with a ten percent share of the market. They offer nine models, each of which comes in a series. Here are the various air conditioning models with prices, features, warranties, and offers.

Air Conditioning Cost Calculator

Before you start shopping for an air conditioning system, take a look at our cost calculator. Your AC system should match the needs of your home, your desire for energy-efficiency, and your need for comfort. When you have sorted out these factors you will be ready to look at estimates from your HVAC contractor.

Trane Air Conditioners Types

Although there are many types of air conditioners for your home such as portable, window, and central systems, Trane only manufactures central AC systems. They also manufacture furnaces, air handlers, and heat pumps. A viable option for both heating and cooling your home is a heat pump.

Trane Central Air Conditioning Systems

Trane makes two kinds of AC systems, split systems and packaged systems. Packaged AC systems have all of the necessary components in one HVAC unit. These include evaporator coils, motor, and fan. Split systems have two distinct parts. There is a unit out of doors which has the compressor and an indoor unit with the air handler, fan, and coils. Trane carries nine split-system AC model series and two packaged central AC system model series.
Trane manufactures energy-efficient AC systems. Their various models are compliant with guidelines for federal Energy Star designation and have high SEER ratings. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating and the rating is arrived at by taking a typical season cooling output and dividing by the electricity used during the same time period.

SEER ratings for Trane central AC systems average 17.3 which is better than the industry average of 16.7. Their packaged systems have SEER ratings of 14 and 15. The higher your SEER rating, the more energy you will save cooling your home. Virtually all of the Trane AC units qualify for Energy Star designation and will carry that logo.

Consumer satisfaction with Trane AC units is high. Consumer Reports tells us that of twenty-two brands surveyed, only five received an “excellent” consumer rating. Trane ranks in the top five for highest consumer satisfaction.

Prices for Trane Air Conditioning Models

High-end Trane models have stronger features, better energy-efficiency with higher SEER ratings, and increased comfort. They cost more and are more expensive to install. The lower-end models are less expensive to purchase and install but offer fewer extra features and are typically less energy-efficient. Here is a look at the top ten model series offered by Trane.

Trane XR13

If you are looking for affordability, this split system central air conditioner is an excellent choice. However, this “no-frills” unit is the only Trane split system that is not Energy Start eligible. Nevertheless, it has basic components in common with the other split system models. These include a Spine Fin outdoor coil, Climatuff compressor, full-side louvered panels, non-corrosive Duratuff base pan, and a Quick-Sess cabinet with easy-access and full coil protection. It also has powder paint that is baked on for improved rust resistance which is in common with split system Trane models. This “entry-level” model series has a SEER rating of 14.5 percent which gives you energy savings as high as 42%!

Trane XR14

Another split system series, the XR14 comes at a higher price but gives you a SEER rating of 16 which translates to energy savings as high as 50%. It has an upgraded fan from the XR13 series, comes in several models based on width, height, depth, weight, and cooling capacity in BTUs per hour.

Trane XR16

This is one more economical central split system series with a SEER rating of 17. It gives you the Trane CleanEffects air filtration system that does an excellent job removing pollen, dust, and irritants from your conditioned air steam.

Trane XL16i

This series is a step down in cost from the XR16 but has a slightly lower SEER rating as well at 16.5. It comes with the option for compressor sound insulation as well as a low-noise, advance, fan system.

Trane XR16 Low-Profile

If you need a small unit to fit into a small space, this is the series for you. Trane designed this “pint-sized” series for small spaces like for condos or under-deck installation. It gives you a SEER rating of up to 17 and comes in seven models ranging from 42.75- by 47- by 17-inches to 36.75- by 40- by 14.5-inches.

Trane XR17

This model series is a step up in price and in features. It has a two-stage compressor, low and high. You get SEER ratings of up to 18 with this series for excellent energy savings.

Trane XV20i TruComfort Variable Speed 22

This is Trane’s most energy-efficient series. It has a SEER rating of up to 22 which translates to 60 percent savings on energy. It is a split system model that features TruComfort variable speed technology. This means it operates continuously but at less than 100 percent capacity. It runs at enough capacity to match what your thermostat is set for.

Trane models with variable speed are made so that the outdoor and indoor fans, BTU output and compressor all run at varying speeds and adjust up and down by small increments. Your comfort level will always match your thermostat setting. But, be aware that this high degree of technological efficiency comes at a higher price.

Trane XV18 TruComfort Variable Speed

This series also comes with TruComfort technology and a variable speed compressor. The XV18 is the quietest central AC system that Trane makes. Its integrated fan system, variable-speed compressor, and compressor sound insulator function together to give you lower sound levels to as low as 55 decibels. This is much better than other Trane split system models that run in the 69 to 76 decibel range.

The XV18 also has ComfortLink™ II technology. Thus it communicates with compatible indoor units and connects all key components in its system for automatic calibration and configuration. However, its SEER rating comes in at 18, as opposed to the 22 rating for the XV21i.

Trane XL18i

Although its name is similar to the XV18, it has significant differences. It is a two-stage split system like the XR17. It does not come with TruComfort or ComfortLink II technologies which the XV18 has.
It is also a more affordable model series albeit a somewhat louder one with a 73 decibel rating. Nevertheless, its energy rating is the same as the XV18 with an 18 SEER rating.

Trane XR14c

The Trane XR14c is one of its two packaged model series of air conditioners. Trane designs its packaged systems for limited spaces such as often found in the South. These compact units include a heat pump and a furnace.
This series has a 14 SEER rating and comes with components like the Weather Beater top and Spine Fin coil. Despite offering a high-power airflow system and stainless-steel heat exchanger the XR14c is not Energy Star certified. The higher-end XL15c model series is Energy Star eligible and comes with the Vortika motor blower that has variable speeds. It has a 15 SEER rating and can come with better control of humidity using the ComfortR airflow mode.

Trane Air Conditioning System Prices

The price for a Trane air conditioning system, including installation, runs from around $3,850 for an XR13 model to $4,790 for an XV21i. This price range is for a 1300 to 1300 CFM air handler and a 2.5-ton condenser along with a programmable thermostat.

Your price will depend on the size and model you choose, what kind and size of home you have, issues affecting installation, the energy-efficiency level you want, and if you need ductwork installed. The location in your home where you will install the unit is also important. You can get specific prices by contacting your local HVAC contractor.

Average Prices by Trane Model

  • XR13: $1,595 without installation, $3,850 with installation
  • XR14: $1,655 without installation, $4,055 with installation
  • XR16: $2,190 without installation, $4,490 with installation
  • XL16i: $2,150 without installation, $4,490 with installation
  • XR16 Low-Profile: $2,190 without installation, $4,690 with installation
  • XR17: $2,390 without installation, $4,800 with installation
  • XL18i: $2,550 without installation, $4,790 with installation
  • XV18 TruComfort Variable Speed: $2,645 without installation, $5,205 with installation
  • XV20i TruComfort Variable Speed: $2,800 without installation, $5,600 with installation

Warranties for Trane Air Conditioners

Every Trane residential air conditioning unit comes with a ten-year warranty. This included a limited warranty for your outdoor coil and internal parts. The XR models include ten years of limited warranty for the compressor but you need to register to make sure to get it. There is a twelve year limited warranty on the compressor with the higher end XL and SV models. However, the Trane warranties do not cover labor.

Reviews for Trane Air Conditioners

Check out the reviews that we have posted to get an idea of what customers think of Trane air conditioners.


What is the cost of a Trane air conditioner?
Trane AC prices vary according to model, features, capacity, and energy-efficiency. The prices range from the XR13 at $1,595 to the XV21i for $2,250. The XV21i comes for $3,850 with installation and the XR13 costs $4,790 with installation.

Where can you buy a Trane central AC?
Any authorized HVAC dealer will be authorized to carry Trane products.

How long does a Trane central air conditioner last?
The longevity of a central air conditioner depends on the frequency of use, your climate, and the quality of maintenance. In coastal areas where corrosion can be a problem, a Trane air conditioner may not last as long as in other locations. As a rule, you can expect your air conditioner to last for fifteen to twenty years except in cases of exceptionally heavy use.

Choosing the best central air conditioner brand is a big decision. It’s a major investment that can add years of comfort — and increase your home’s value.

There are many options available, so how do you choose a reliable AC system that will bring you the best value? This guide of the best central air conditioner brands of 2020 will break down what to consider when comparing central air conditioner systems to make the right choice.

There are a lot of different factors that determine the price of your home’s heating and cooling system. Here is a breakdown of the costs for each type of system and things to consider when estimating the cost for your home.


Top 5 Air Conditioners

Here’s an overview of the best central air conditioner brands of 2020 and why we picked them.

1. Trane


Trane systems are the top-of-the-line. They build their own compressors and Spine Fin coils for the ultimate in efficiency and reliability. Their HVAC units have a distinctive, sleek design.

  • Efficiency Rating

  • 14.5 to 22 SEER

  • An average of 70 decibels

  • $$$
  • Our take: There are not many cons when you choose Trane. If you don’t live in a hot area, a Trane unit may not be worth the price and efficiency rating.
  • Types: 9 models from single-stage to variable capacity. A compact model will fit in smaller homes.
  • Advanced features: The TruComfort feature reduces humidity by running longer at lower speeds instead of shutting off to remove moisture from the air.
  • Warranties: Standard 10-year warranty that covers both parts and labor and a 12-year compressor warranty.
  • Customer satisfaction: Trane is rated as the second most reliable brand in the Consumer Reports survey.